Rock Story for Marble & Granite.. Your Choice to Elegance…
  • Rock Story is specialized generally in natural stone in all their possible applications and phases. Starting with extracting and cutting blocks from our quarries and ending by presenting a final product.
  • Our technical office guarantees the best suggestions for the use of the stones followed by clients feed back and evaluation to assure delivery of the best services.
  • Customer satisfaction and quality is our principal target.
  • Rock Story's ethical message is to improve and develop the export process for the Egyptian Stones Industry.
  • We believe that by word we can not move forward, by action we can gain satisfaction.
  • ROCK STORY success story is one of dedication and skill, accomplished in a remarkably short time.
  • Although recently established, ROCK STORY became an integral arm in Egypt stone industry growth story.
  • ROCK STORY for Marble & Granite have an access on quarries of Egyptian Marble with a unique variety.
  • ROCK STORY operates modern factory equipped by the most up-to-date processing technology. We have a very large manufacturing facility.
  • By placing great importance on the principles of Safety, Quality and People, we have been able to satisfy our clients’ needs on every project. Using state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques and equipment, we have earned a dominating reputation as one of the most professionals in the stone industry.
  • Our ambition is to extend our reach globally through our active pursuit for bigger challenges and valuable opportunities.
  • Our objective is to produce quality cut stone products from owned natural stone quarries in a safe & efficient manner that are leads qualified for our customers.
  • To achieve high export quality & excellent reputation through work ethics and surpassed commitment to offer quality stone products , competitive pricing and knowledge to our client .
  • At ROCK STORY we accept nothing less than 100% customer satisfaction with extra richness and elegance, all this complimented by professionally manage approach of timely deliveries, competitive prices with quality matching world standards . We achieve this through our experienced and trained manpower and sales network established for superior customer service.
  • We, at ROCK STORY for marble & Granite believe in the core values of trust, paying attention to details and reliability.
  • Building reliability is a critical element to your business and this can only come to life through finding a partner you can trust.
  • Our continuous focus on having our unique touch and style in providing the best quality of Egyptian Marble & Granite to the markets all over the world.
  • Present an enormous Services, Products & price to our clients as to meet your ambitions and make it real.
  • This vision has played a vital role in making us a recognized company in this highly competitive market place, while growing from strength to strength through each success story.
  • The goal at ROCK STORY is 100% customer satisfaction which attain through well-timed information and accurate order processing and consistent service.
  • Inspection: To enhance member success and excellence we are always keen to be updated with the international high quality standard in stone industry.
  • Packing: Packing is the final and essential stage in the export process. We guarantee that all packing is according to the International Packing Standards and procedures of safety and security of the stone products.
  • Shipping & Logistics: ROCK STORY has succeeded in a short time to build up strong relationship with all shipping lines and excellent forwarders. Special freight price along with precise time schedules are guaranteed.
  • ROCK STORY for Marble & Granite owns quarries for the unique Egyptian stones as Sunny, Silvia, Galala...etc.
  • ROCK STORY is operating a modern factory equipped with the most up- to- date processing technology.
  • In ROCK STORY our goal is to serve your business and help you succeed to build an eternal partnership.

Customer Service:

  • We believe in customer service and we stand behind our work. Our principle is that if something is ever, wrong we make it right , its that simple.
  • ROCK STORY move forward hand in hand with the client from conception to completion.
  • ROCK STORY welcomes the opportunity to provide our services to our valuable customer
  • Rock Story for Marble & Granite
  • Offices:
    94 EL Amal Towers , Industrial zone , shak el Soban,Torah – Maadi –cairo
  • Telephone:
    (+02) 33 77 01 44
  • Cell Phone:
    (+02) 012 84 33 23 23
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Rock story is our story …. A story about two different things, man & rock. Man and how he get the rocks and stones from the mountains (quarries) and turn them to a valuable product with different finishes like antique brushed, polished, bush hammer, tumbled, honed, rock face …etc, to represent an artistic touch which riches and decorate any place installed in. How god grant man the abilities to reshape the rock and install it in different locations all over the world, to memorize that we have passed from here, and left our print to the history to be witness. Dear client you are welcome to be a hero in this story as we can go hand in hand and leave our print together.